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Daily Prompt: Take It From Me

November 29, 2012

Daily Prompt: Take It From Me.

The best piece of advice that I’ve ever given someone, but failed to take myself involved a boy.  I was once a young girl, 18 and head over heels in love with my first boyfriend.  I just knew that we were going to go the distance, high school sweethearts that would turn into college sweethearts, that would lead to a lifelong marriage.  I had the perfect model, my parents began dating at the tender age of 14, married at 21, and 41 years later are still happily married.

With age, comes wisdom.  A co-worker at my job, came to me one day for advice.  She is 17 and head over heels in love with her first boyfriend.  Her boyfriend constantly lies to her about little things-and big things.  She claims that she doesn’t know what to do about the situation, that she wants them to work on their problems, and live the life they’ve been planning.


So, the best advice I could possibly give my young co-worker?  The best advice I’d ever received but failed to take myself?  “Remember you are young, remember that life is hopefully long, and that high school relationships typically do not last forever.  A boy that lies to you about silly little things is not worth your time and you deserve better.  Protect your heart and do what is best for you.  It may not be the easiest choice, it may, in fact, be the most painful choice, but choose yourself and not a relationship that is likely to fail.  Liars hardly ever change.  Let the relationship go, and if you find your way back to each other, then it was meant to be and you’ll be that much stronger and that much better.”

Of course, I didn’t listen, and so far my co-worker has failed to take this advice.  I have a feeling that many young girls have been given this advice, failed to take it, and 5, 10, 15 years down the road have given this advice.  It is a circle that I wish we could all learn from faster than we do, but this is life.


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