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The Future of Cursive Writing

November 29, 2012

I recently read an article that discussed how many states and school systems are no longer teaching elementary aged children cursive writing, and I surprisingly felt outraged at this.  I guess I’m in that weird age group, where I’m young enough to have had computers in almost every single classroom from 2nd grade on, but old enough where we were taught to write in cursive at the end of second grade, continuing into third, and required to write in cursive for most of fourth and fifth grade. 

I decided late in my college career that the business degree I was pursuing was not for me, and switched to education.  After a couple of health setbacks, and a surprise pregnancy, I will be student teaching (hopefully!) beginning in August of 2013.  I have observed several different students, in different grades and schools, and where I live, cursive is still taught in second and third grade, so the article I read was quite a shock.  I cannot imagine children not learning to write in cursive.  To be quite honest, I prefer my cursive writing to my printing. 

The article that I orginally read, along with a few others that I read after a quick internet search on the future of cursive writing, stated that one (and the main) reason that cursive is being phased out is because schools are concentrating on ensuring that students are proficient in keyboarding by the time they leave elementary school.  I believe that keyboarding is a very important skill that everyone should possess, but does it have to come at the cost of learning cursive?  As someone about to enter the education field full-time, I am very aware that we do not have enough hours in the day to cover everything that we would like to, but it is possible to devote classtime 2 to 3 days a week to teaching both cursive and keyboarding. 

I know kids do not get as excited as I did about learning how to write in cursive, and I admit freely to feeling slightly intimidated about teaching cursive writing, but it is a challenge I was and am looking forward to conquering.  I hope that the states and school districts change their minds about doing away with cursive.  It is such a lovely way to write, and it would be a shame if the art died out.  I believe in progression, but I also believe that some traditions should be timeless. 



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  1. The school districts in my county have already done away with it. Poof. Gone. I’m planning on teaching my kids cursive at home if it comes to it, because I too feel that it is a valuable skill to have.

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