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To Be Honest

June 29, 2015

To be perfectly honest, I had completely forgotten about this blog….which isn’t surprising seeing as how I only have 2 (now 3) posts and the last time I posted was almost 3 years ago.  I remember when I set this blog up, I had such great ideas.  I wanted to remember every minute leading up to student teaching, remember all my highs and lows of student teaching, to record and inspire others with my job search.

Time passes and has passed.  I’m very lucky- since my last post I have student taught and I secured my first teaching assignment in a 3rd Grade classroom.  I had a wonderful first year of teaching, for the most part.  I learned what it was like to work closely with an excellent teammate and the frustrations of working with group members that just wanted to get by.  I learned to trust myself and to confide in others.  I learned that the first year of teaching IS stressful-I learned that waiting to find out if I’d been renewed was EXTREMELY stressful…I learned what relief feels like when my renewal came through…immediatley followed by panic that another renewal day will come my way in a year.

I wanted to blog about my first year teaching and my first year in 3rd…but things happen and I never got around to it…which is probably for the best.  I have a new goal.  I am going to blog this year.  I am on an AMAZING team, we are getting a new school building for the 2016-2017 year, and I’m teaching in a portable for just one year.  I am going to take pictures this year, I’m going to write about my experiences, I’m going to post pictures.  I am going to help someone with my blog.  I’m going to inspire, or at least give someone a good idea.

Yes, I have finished my degree…but I’m still a teacher in training…I hope to always be in training-to always be looking for a new way, a new idea.  I hope that I don’t forget about this blog again for 2 years….

I will be posting pictures of my room soon.  Until then….


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